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Motor Home Guide to Idaho Outdoors

November 17th, 2022

Idaho is the “Gem State,” and motor home enthusiasts love it. What makes Idaho so wonderful? It has some of the best unspoiled natural beauty in the United States. It can also boast that it’s one of the most scenically diverse states in the union, despite its small size.

Here are a few facts about Idaho that can help you decide if you want to visit.

- Idaho is the most forested of all the Rocky Mountain States, with nearly half of its land covered in tall, whispering pines.

- More than half of the land in the state is federally protected, which means that it’s more than half national park.

- It is also one of the wettest of the Rocky Mountain States, with thousands of lakes, rivers and streams winding through its forested mountain terrain. That also means some of the best fishing in the Rockies!

You can thank the massive ice-age glaciers for the beauty of northern Idaho. When they melted, they left behind all the lakes, rivers and reservoirs that cut their way through the lush evergreen forests. Up in the north, where along the Montana border, are the Idaho side of the Bitterroot Mountains, a favorite mountain range of campers, hikers and fisherman all over the country.

This is also the area where the famous French expedition crossed on its way to see exploring the Louisiana Purchase. The area is rich with history and culture. You can learn about the early journeys of explorers to the great northwest, and the Nez Perce tribe that still lives there and practices its traditional culture to this day.

In the central part of the state, you will find historical highways that cross the great rivers including the Salmon River, Little Lost River and Silver Creek. In the northeast, every highway is a scenic drive, and you’ll want to make sure you take your time and make lots of stops along the way. Bring plenty of film!

You can also see Craters of the Moon National Monument, a truly unearthly terrain of lava rocks, sagebrush and cinder cones. Craters of the Moon is so named because of its lunar landscape and eerie otherworldliness. It is definitely a place you’ll want to see along the way.

In southern Idaho, the lush forest begins to give way to high desert. The Snake River winds through the high country, leaving an arid valley full of pretty desert scenery and lots of great fishing spots.

Travel and Visit Boise, Idaho

April 22nd, 2022

Traveling to interesting vacation destinations is one of the true joys in life. Sometimes some of the more interesting locations are not the first ones off the top of our heads. A great time can be had in some of the lesser known vacation spots. A fun filled time can be had by pretty much anyone who chooses to visit the lively and often overlooked community of Boise, Idaho.

Boise is the largest city in between Salt Lake City and Portland, Oregon. The city was incorporated in 1864, but had been growing around Fort Boise for more than thirty years. Boise became the capital of the Idaho Territory just one year after its incorporation, in 1865. The community grew up over the years, quickly expanding past its origins as merely a military outpost, and developed into an agricultural and transportation hub for the region. The area has continued to grow and Boise has developed into the premier city in Idaho.

When it comes to looking at things to do in and around Boise, the area has a wealth of attractions that could appeal to many people, especially anyone with interests in the outdoors and nature. The Boise River runs through the city and is a magnet for those interested in everything from rafting to fishing. The city is lucky to have the well developed network of trails that follow the river and branch off into other areas of town, this trail system is known as the Boise River Greenbelt and is a well deserved source of pride to the community. Sporting events are popular attractions to locals and visitors alike and among the many teams that represent the city are minor league baseball’s Boise Hawks, the Boise Burn of the Arena Football League’s AF2 division, the Idaho Stampede of National Basketball Association’s Developmental League and the minor league hockey team the Idaho Steelheads. Sports fans are also treated to most major sporting events at the collegiate level through watching and following local favorite Boise State University. Among the many other attractions in and around the city are the Boise Town Square Mall, the World Center for Birds of Prey, the Bogus Basin ski area, and Zoo Boise which is located in Julia Davis Park and is home to more than 200 individual animals. For outdoor recreational enthusiasts, the area surrounding Boise is filled with campgrounds and natural resources. Not only is there more than enough to do in and around Boise, but the community also offers something for nearly everyone.